Let it all hang out and “Go Bagless.”

With weather warming up, I am finally feeling confident that there won’t be any snow storm surprises in Edmonton. Which means it’s time to spruce things up. Sprucing things up is different for everyone. For some, it may be picking new clothing items for their wardrobe, changing hairstyles, repainting a house, buying new furniture or simply turning your place inside out for thorough cleaning. It seems this time of the year brings out a need for renewal and rejuvenation. I am definitely going to spruce up the deck, make it cozy enough to stay out all day and have dinner outside or invite friends over for drinks and good conversation.

One day’s worth of grass collected from the whole city.

There are many changes that people make this time of the year and that is why it’s during this time that the City of Edmonton collects the highest volume of garbage. One would think the high volume of garbage stems from all the renovations and old stuff we throw away to make way for the new. However, the main culprit is grass from lawn mowing. Grass from mowing becomes a huge burden to the City of Edmonton’s Waste Management. In the summer, about 40% of all residential waste is grass. Each collector picks up waste from about 700 homes each day. When garbage collection goes up, it also costs more. This is why the City of Edmonton is encouraging residents to go bagless this summer. That means you leave your grass clippings on the lawn.  You’ll be “grasscycling.”

Besides reducing waste and costs, grasscycling will also make your lawn happy. The basic rule is to mow often and high. Try to mow no more than one-third of the grass blade at one time. There are two reasons for mowing high.

  • Mowing is like pruning a plant. It is healthier to cut only a small part of the plant at one time. This keeps the plants from going into shock. Grass can take a lot of shock, but it will not thicken while it recovers.
  • Mowing high helps the grass out-compete weeds like clover and dandelion.

If you decide to grasscycle, keep your mower blade sharp. A dull blade shreds the grass and can cause moisture loss, slow recovery and brown tips.

So are you going to let the grass clippings go back to the environment and give yourself more time? It will be less work for you; buying bags, bagging and dragging the heavy bags to the curb. You can learn more on grasscycling and get tips on taking care of your yard in a more environmentally friendly way on the City of Edmonton website. http://www.edmonton.ca/residential_neighbourhoods/gardens_lawns_trees/grasscycling.aspx

I hope you get inspired to let it all hang out and go bagless this summer!! My Master Composter Recycler classes ended but I learnt so much and I shall continue sharing.