For the Love of Kindness

Recently, a friend and colleague of mine lost her husband of 48 years. After some time away she had returned to work, one of our company’s business partners sent her a beautiful flower arrangement to express their condolences. My colleague was touched and loved the gift. She mentioned that she wished she could dry the flowers so she could preserve that arrangement as it looked for as long as possible.

As the weeks passed, she was unable to find a solution for drying the flowers. Soon they became brown and withered. I watched her pick at the pieces and throwing away only the rotting parts until there was just a few petals left.

However, when I initially heard her talk about the gesture and how much she loved the arrangement I suggested she take a photo while the flowers were still fresh. Remembering this I had an idea. So I asked her permission to take whatever was left home with me for the weekend . She agreed. I took the glass vase and what was left of the arrangement.

I went to Michaels, a craft store where they sell art supplies.  I found a section filled with artificial flowers. I used that image as my reference and tried my best to match artificial flowers to the original ones. When I got home I began. I cut off the stems, I carefully tucked the new artificial flowers into place, making it look as beautiful as the day she received them.

Glass bubble flowers

After the weekend upon my return to work, I delivered the new arrangement to my colleague. I saw tears in her eyes, tears of appreciation. She was so touched that she even offered to pay me. I was flattered so I thanked her and kindly refused. I had not done it to receive anything back. I was happy I took the time to try and restore something my friend appreciated. Especially something that reminds her of her beloved husband.

Do you have good things you enjoy doing for others? Even small things? My husband and I often pay for the bill of someone behind us at a coffee drive through at Tim Horton’s. It has also happened to me more than once, when I have arrive at the cashier’s window to pay, only to find that someone already paid my bill. I tell you, this always makes me feel that there is kindness all around us.

What do you give to others? something that brings you joy? It doesn’t even need to be something tangible, it might just be your time or some other way you do something that makes others feel special.

Please share.

With Love & Gratitude – Awa